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Major Capers

The Legend of Team Broadminded

Major Capers: The Legend of Team Broadminded is an honest and unflinching biographical documentary that portrays the extraordinary life story of Major James Capers, Jr. an American hero, who persevered through adversity and after 50 classified missions rose to become one of the most decorated Force Recon Marines in history.  Capers and his Recon team, aptly named “Team Broadminded” overcame stereotypes and seemingly impossible missions, changing the course of history. 


Major Capers: The Legend of Team Broadminded is a documentary following the life of retired Marine Major James Capers, Jr. Viewers follow his progression from his early years as a son of a sharecropper to enlisting in the Marine Corps where he served in Vietnam to covert operations in Africa and Eastern Europe. 

The story of James Capers was deemed “Classified” until now. Major James Capers Jr. took part in 50 classified missions, was wounded 19 times in battle and became face of the iconic “Ask a Marine” recruitment campaign.   


Almost a decade in the making, the documentary features personal audio recording from the battlefield, never before seen photographs and personal video, classified documentation including original mission orders, interviews with surviving members of Team Broadminded, Pulitzer nominee Marine and author Frank McAdams, and first-hand accounts from one of the greatest Marines to ever serve.


These once classified files are open and the story can now be told…

the film
The facts


The rumors are true...

Capers participated in over 50 Black Op missions...

…While withstanding enemy fire, his first time in battle, he rallied his 12 Marines with their limited ammunition, and tactically prevented an insurgency force of more than 100 insurgents.


…Capers performed multiple amphibious assault landings… Rescued 16 Recon Marines who were being overcome by 1,000 Viet Cong…


... Without being seen or heard, led 5 men for 5 days deep into enemy territory with limited food and ammunition to retrieve the bodies of U.S, pilots and TOP SECRET materials.


…On a CIA sanctioned TOP SECRET Mission, Capers teamed with a turned VC soldier and went behind enemy lines to rescue American POWs…  


…Heavily wounded, Capers & Team Broadminded continued to advance to victory using the river as a tactical concealment advantage and ambushed the North Vietnamese Army killing hundreds of hostile forces.

The mission


Short descriptions of featured missions...

Lebanon (1958) – President Eisenhower sends troops to Lebanon to halt a possible coup... 


Operation Deckhouse IV (August 1966) –  3rd Force Recon team are sent on an amphibious assault to clear the DMZ of Viet Cong forces and secure the area for incoming Marine forces... 3rd Force Recon rescues 16 Marines overcome by 1,000 NVA while preventing enemy troops from crossing into South Vietnam. 

B-57 Recovery Mission (1966) – A Top Secret mission to recover the contents and pilot remains from a Bomber that has crashed in enemy territory... The plane is rumored to have highly sensitive materials that included a nuclear bomb...

Song Troui River (December 1966) – Recover the body of a missing Marine in the Song Troui River... They find the body and discover 200 rounds of unexploded ordnance hidden by the NVA. 


Operation Doubletalk (1966) – A Top Secret mission to rescue American, Australian and South Vietnamese POWs located 20 miles behind enemy lines.. A rescue chopper arrives but almost leaves Capers behind who is singlehandedly holding off the enemy. 

Khe Sanh (February 1967) - 3rd Force Recon is sent to the undermanned Khe Sanh base, if overrun, is a gateway to South Vietnam. The unit is sent to patrol, infiltrate NVA territory and kill high value targets.

Phu Loc (1967) - The weary & undersized 3rd Force Recon is sent on a search and destroy patrol to locate an NVA regimental base in Phu Loc. With no logical explanation of how the chopper could have taken off and flown under hostile fire with no fuel, the surviving members believe that the “hand of God” intervened to save them. 

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